The Most Striking Social Issues of Today

The Most Striking Social Issues of Today

Unfortunately, even though we are advancing as a race, we are still dealing with some pretty dangerous problems. Some problems have come from that advancement while others were present even before technology could be considered technology. There are many striking social issues which should be tackled as soon as possible, yet there are some that stand out as a clear priority.

Environmental Problems – Pollution and Climate Change

The environment has suffered ever since we built the first real factories and combustion engines and when we started tackling the problem of long-distance transformation. Nuclear energy and weapons also left us with quite the waste, some of it being disposed of illegally, eventually ending up in oceans.

Unsanctioned weapons testing and not to mention the ever-growing number of cars on the streets, all with internal combustion engines. Factories which work day and night, burning lots of solid fuel, not to mention airplanes or oil spills and you have quite the impact on the environment, mostly negative.

Cleaner energy, where possible and economically and practically viable, should be a priority, as well as limiting the pollution as much as possible.

Connected but Disconnected – Loneliness, Depression and Alienation

Saving the planet would be great, but if there are no people left to live on the planet, then it is just another rock in a solar system. Today, we are all connected, through the use of the internet. Anyone can talk to anyone, reach almost everyone, but people are still lonely.

The feeling of loneliness and alienation is present, especially in young adults. Some have periodic depression, and while most plough through it, there are those who do not make it.

Dealing with this problem is difficult, as it can easily affect young and old, rich and poor. Generally promoting communication and connecting with people should be a good start.

Improving the Quality of Life

This task can be done on many levels, individual, family, neighborhood, city and eventually, a country. On a personal level, there are many things which could improve your quality of life, whether a better financial status or a relationship status or simply, dealing with your own emotions.

When it comes to the community, economical gain and profit should be turned into a general improvement for everyone. More often than not, unfortunately, that is not the case. The top 1% or even less, benefit from the profits, while the remaining 99% live in the same way they lived, or worse.

These are some of today’s most prevalent societal issues. There sure are many more which could be solved and should be solved, yet these three are at the top of the list, due to their impact on our everyday life and possible future.

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